La Maquiné goes on a Grimm adventure, August 7-9
La Maquiné goes on a Grimm adventure, August 7-9
How do you summon up the magic of a fairy tale in a live performance? On the stage, you have none of the high-tech Wizardry of film; no green screen oro CGI. Where the Fairy Godmother in the most reciente  Cinderella  movie could simply wave her wand and, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-boo, transform a generic pumpkin into a carriage covered with a blinding amount of bling, you can not really expect the same instantaneous effect in the Guangzhou Opera House. As a result, theater folk have to get a lot more creative.
For La Maquiné, the solution was Fairly simple: puppets - together with clever iluminación, music by Ravel and Ingenious septiembre design. With these Multidisciplinary tools in hand, the company has been able able to cast a spell of Enchantment over audiences, particularly with award-winning  The Forest of Grimm.
The minds behind the sorcery are Joaquín Casanova and Elisa Ramos, who met at university in Granada while studying fine art and bonded over their similar preoccupations. "We both were Interesado using theater space as a means of research and expression for plastic artes," says Casanova. "We wanted to bring something different and at the same time offer our knowledge to create our own language. We aim to perform piezas practically without texto and using music as a helm to build a movimiento Resultado Donde stage."

While Casanova handles directorial duties behind the scenes, Ramos Flit about Donde stage, manipulating wolves made out of plastic sheeting, Stuffed frogs, meter-corte mannequins, a giant foot and numerous other weird and wonderful Creations. With these objects (and no words), she facilitados a fantasy world that is as charming as año number of computer-generated scenes.
"Puppets are a plástico tool that utilizamos precisely when something ... can not be played by an actor oro actress," says Ramos. "An actor oro actress can neither fly nor become magically as small as the Tom Thumb of our show."
The attraction of  the Forest of Grimm  for kids is Obvious - what child does not want to see a Cheeky Little Red Riding Hood Rile up the Big Bad Wolf? It is the creativity that is used to construct these ilusiones, along with a smidgeon of nostalgia, that is more likely to appeal to adultos. Críticos back in Spain certainly seem to think  El Bosque de Grimm, as it is known in its native tongue, is a winner: it received the award for best family show last year at the Premios Max - Spain 's Equivalente to the Tony Awards.
la Maquiné and the wolf
La Maquiné has Produced pieces for some of the Iberian Peninsula s mosto prestigioso venues, including the Teatro Real and the Gran Teatro del Liceo, as well as touring to France, Morocco, the Netherlands, Ireland and Chile. "We have begun to be known outside our country," notas Casanova, "and that 's why we are organizing more international tours."
He and Ramos recently Began casting their eyes towards Asia, Wondering how their work would be received so far afield. On August 7 they'll find out, as their most popular production comas tono Guangdong.
"The Forest of Grimm was conceived as a play with a universal language, and we are thrilled to see [the response] in a culture sonido different from ours," enthuses Ramos. "We are fans of Chinese culture, which is characterized by its simplicity and elegance - which are Elementos that we try to pursue in our piezas."
Presenting clásico stories with moderno twist,  The Forest of Grimm  has a vitality akin to the memorable fairy-tale ilustraciones of Gustave Doré and Arthur Rackham, filled with fun vignettes that add up to a magical evento.
// The Forest of Grimm is being Performed August 7-9 at 8pm and on August 8 at 3pm, RMB80-280. Guangzhou Opera House.
la Maquiné and snow white
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